“The Importance Of Having Digital (Online)Business”

(By Moses Alexander)

In a world where business goes through continuous evolution, one thing stands out the most: how the digital landscape has transformed how we interact, communicate & conduct our business. Businesses have been presented with numerous opportunities to reach and engage with their targeted audience and generate desired leads for their businesses. In this blog, we’ll tell you why establishing and maintaining a strong digital presence is crucial for your business and will also give examples of companies that have undergone these changes.

4 Points on why it is important to have a digital presence for your business.

1. Reach Across Globe

The internet knows no boundaries with just a few clicks you can tap into the global marketplace. Whether you operate a barber shop or a large corporation, creating digital platforms allows you to show your products and services to potential customers worldwide. A strategically planned business model, coupled with innovative Digital Marketing strategies, enables businesses to expand their reach far beyond their local confines. With the right digital plan and business model in place, growth and expansion become achievable goals.”

2. Awareness Of Your Business:

In today’s era, the Internet has become dominant in everyday life, enabling a Godly amount of information at your fingertips These technological innovations led to a major transformation of marketing and the creation of a new approach called Digital Marketing which is defined as: “An adaptive, technology-enabled process by which firms collaborate with customer and partners to jointly create, communicate, deliver, and sustain value for all stakeholders” by ( Kannan & Li

3. Customer Engagement

According to Carvallo “By buying one product or service consumers or clients take an active process to learn about the brand which shapes the brand expectation”, thanks to the Social Media platform it offers a two-way communication channel where businesses can listen to customer/client feedback and create a meaningful relationship “The customer experience is the next competitive battleground”.- Jerry Gregoire Former Chief information officer of DELL. The level of engagement not only strengthens customer loyalty but also provides valuable insights that can inform future business decisions.

4. Adaptability & Innovation

As said in the start, business goes through continuous evolution so make sure to adapt to it as quickly as possible because there are no limits to the digital landscape, those with a Digital presence are more likely to adapt sooner to changing trends and technologies. By embracing innovation and experimenting with new digital tools and platforms, businesses can discover new ways to connect with their audience and differentiate themselves from the competition.

Examples of Companies that Adapted to Digital Innovation.

1. Starbucks is using AI to enhance customer engagement.

We all know that Starbucks is a world-renowned coffee chain that has over 33,000 stores, but you must wonder why a coffee-selling shop needs assistance from AI it just sells coffee right? yeah but do you know why it is so successful It is because it focuses on customer satisfaction more than anything which is why they have customer retention. Starbucks uses a type of AI called Reinforcement Learning to get to know its customers better to make personalized recommendations, in addition to this Starbucks launched an app called Digitalflywheel which allows coffee lovers to place their orders in advance and collect them through a store window or by walking inside. By merging the power of AI and marketing, the brand has expanded its app features.

2. Walmart innovation and customer satisfaction

Walmart’s digital transformation has helped the company become a leader in e-commerce. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud technologies are key drivers of the retail corporation’s journey to respond to changing consumer desires and purchasing behavior,

the company has invested heavily in digital technologies such as augmented reality to improve supply chain automation and speed up inventory management processes. Walmart’s Go Local delivery platform service is another speed improvement initiative that has increased the number of completed orders by nearly 40% year over year.


Many companies have gone through digital changes examples are unlimited and due to these changes, their revenue has increased drastically, In conclusion, the significance of a digital presence in today’s world cannot be exaggerated. From growing worldwide reach and expanding brand perceivability to client engagement the benefits are clear. Businesses prioritizing their digital presence and embracing the opportunities offered by the digital frontier are better positioned to thrive in an increasingly internet world. As technology continues to evolve, the businesses that adapt and innovate will continue to lead the way forward.

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